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40 Quirky Yet Extremely Useful Things on Amazon That You Won’t Believe Exist!

Discover the Weirdest, Wildest and Most Wonderful Finds on Amazon

by NourishGlo

Our editors have carefully selected items that we know you will enjoy! So, get ready to discover some amazing products at Nourishglo! And hey, we’re an Amazon affiliate partner, which means we may earn a share of any sales made through our links (and it won’t cost you a thing!)

Do you wish there were more interesting options for everyday use? Or do you want to spice things up and add a touch of quirkiness to your life? Well, buckle up buttercup because we’ve scoured the depths of Amazon with a treasure trove of odd yet handy products that you never knew you needed! From 90 degree prism glasses for laying down reading (yes, you read that right!) to the Bacon Bin Grease Strainer & Collector (because who doesn’t love bacon?)—our list of 40 quirky yet extremely useful things on Amazon that you won’t believe exist will leave you scratching your head and wondering what kind of mad genius came up with these oddities?!

Who knows, you might just find your new favorite household oddity on our list of Amazon hidden quirky gems. Let’s dive in!

These Bacon Strip Bandages Are Like A Delicious Band-Aid For Your Wounds

If you’re a bacon lover (who isn’t?), then these Bacon Strips Bandages will have you covered, literally! These quirky essentials are not only practical, but they also add a touch of humor to any injury. Whether you’ve got a paper cut or a scratch, these bandages will make you feel like you’re getting a tasty treat every time you change them. So go ahead, put some bacon on it, and enjoy these odd yet handy Amazon products!

May the force be with you as you dine with these Lightsaber Chopsticks! These innovative home products will have you feeling like a Jedi while you devour your sushi rolls! With their LED lights, these Light Up Saber Chopsticks will add a touch of fun to any meal! Plus, they’re practical too! No more struggling with regular chopsticks in dimly lit meal time. These unique Amazon products are a must-have for any Star Wars fan!

Dive Into Your Favorite Book Without Losing Your Place With This Shark Bookmark Page Marker

Are you tired of using boring old bookmarks that always seem to fall out of your book? Look no further than this Shark Bookmark Page Marker! With its quirky design and practical use, this bookmark will have you diving into your favorite book without losing your place. Plus, its shark shape adds a touch of quirkiness to your reading routine. These Amazon hidden gems are a perfect gift for any book lover.

Meet Chill Bill: The Fridge Deodorizer Who’s Cool as Ice and Twice as Nice!

Chill Bill is one of the quirky yet extremely useful things on Amazon that every household needs! This cute penguin is the coolest refrigerator deodorizer on the market and will keep your fridge smelling fresh and clean. Simply fill it up with baking soda and place it in your refrigerator to absorb unwanted smells!

Get S’more Kisses With ChapStic’s S’mores Collection

Who says you can’t enjoy the taste of s’mores all year round? With ChapStick’s S’mores Collection, you can have the taste of graham cracker, marshmallow, and milk chocolate on your lips all day long! With glowing 23,000 ratings on Amazon— these clever inventions are not only delicious, but your lips will also be oh-so-soft and kissable!

The Six-Shot Liquor Dispenser and Glass Carrier: Because Pouring Drinks One at a Time is Overrated

Tired of wasting time pouring drinks one shot at a time? Enter the Six-Shot Liquor Dispenser and Glass Carrier! This innovative dispenser allows you to fill up to 6 shot glasses at once, making it perfect for your next party or get-together! Plus, its sturdy glass carrier ensures that you won’t spill a drop (unless you’ve had one too many already). So, why settle for boring old shot glasses when you can be the life of the party with this practical yet quirky Amazon find?

RMS Deluxe Sock Aid For Easy Peasy Sock Putting-On

This nifty little device has foam handles for a comfortable grip and makes putting on socks a breeze! No more bending over, no more awkward contortions— just slip your sock onto the aid, slide your foot in, and voila! You’re ready to take on the day. Trust us, these quirky yet extremely useful things on Amazon will be a game-changer for your daily routine!

These Meat Claws Will Make You Roar with Delight!

These Mountain Grillers Meat Claws Shredder will help you perfectly shred any meat, making you the undisputed champion of BBQ! These meat claws are not only handy but they are also fun to use. One reviewer said: “Amazing product! I’ll never attempt to shred meat without these! Pro: Amazing tool to shred meat. Cons: Acting like Wolverine for 10 minutes. And, they are pretty dang sharp. Careful throwing them in soapy water afterwards!”

Sniff Out Your Creativity with This Nose-shape Pencil Sharpener 

Need some inspiration for your creative writing? Sniff out your creativity with this nose-shaped pencil sharpener! It’s not just a sharpener, it’s a conversation starter that will make you laugh every time you use it!

Eggscellent Invention: The Wireless Microwave Egg Cooker That’s All Yolk and No Joke!

No more egg-scuses for a lack of time in the morning! The Eggpod by Emson is a wireless microwave egg cooker that can hard-boil up to 4 eggs in under 9 minutes. It’s all yolk and no joke—a must-have for any egg lover!

 Wrap Yourself in a Delicious Dream with This Pepperoni Pizza Blanket!

Who doesn’t love pizza? And what’s better than a pizza? A Pepperoni Pizzas Blanket! This cozy and delicious blanket is perfect for wrapping yourself up in a warm and cheesy dream. Whether you’re snuggling up on the couch or taking a nap, this quirky blanket is the ultimate comfort food accessory and a quirky essential for any pizza lover!

The Automatic Card Shuffler for Lazy Game Nights

Tired of shuffling cards the old-fashioned way? Let the Automatic Card Shuffler do the work for you! Perfect for lazy game nights, this battery-operated shuffler can shuffle up to 2 decks of cards at once, so you can focus on winning that next hand!

Level Up Your Snacking Game with These Finger Chopsticks – Gaming Skills Not Required!

Do you struggle with snack mishaps while gaming? Fear not, because the Finger Chopsticks are here to level up your snacking game! No need for advanced gaming skills, just pop these bad boys on and say goodbye to greasy controllers, FOREVER!

 The Citrus Sprayer for Fresh Citrus Juice in a Snap

Love fresh citrus juice but hate the mess and hassle of squeezing it by hand? Enter the Citrus Sprayer! This citrus sprayer lets you easily spray fresh citrus juice onto your favorite foods, from salads to fish to cocktails. Simply screw the sprayer onto your citrus fruit of choice, pump the top, and voila! Fresh citrus juice in a snap!

These unique coasters are like small whiskey bourbon barrels that are a perfect addition to any home bar or dining room! Not only do they add a touch of rustic charm to your decor, but they’re also practical – protecting your furniture from drink rings. With these beer and whiskey glass coasters, you can now sip your favorite drink in style and keep your surfaces clean. It’s a win-win situation, cheers to that!

 Rise and shine with one of the quirky yet extremely useful things on Amazon (perfect for tea lovers!) This hilarious Cock-A-Doodle Brew Tea Infuser that is shaped like a chicken or rooster— that’ll definitely put a smile on your face every time you brew a cup of tea!

Looking for a unique and hilarious addition to your desk? Check this Butt Tape Dispenser! This quirky tool not only holds your tape but also adds a touch of humor to your workspace! Whether you’re in the office or working from home— this butt tape holder is sure to make you and your coworkers smile! Plus, with its functional design, you’ll always have tape handy when you need it. Who knew a butt could be so useful?

Love to read or watch TV in bed but hate the neck strain? Meet your new best friend – the Bed Prism Spectacles! These quirky yet extremely useful things on Amazon feature a 90-degree prism that allows you to read or watch TV in a horizontal position, without having to crane your neck. Perfect for lazy Sunday mornings or late-night binge-watching sessions, these glasses are a must-have for anyone who loves to relax in bed!

Call Me Maybe? No, Call My Purse!

Feeling nostalgic for the good old days of landlines and dial-up internet? This retro telephone shaped handbag will take you back in time while keeping you stylish and organized! With its unique design and versatile crossbody strap, this tote is sure to turn heads!

 Keep Your Fries Safe and Your Sauce Handy on Your Next Road Trip

No more digging through the abyss of your car for stray fries or balancing sauce cups on your lap! These holders easily clip onto your car’s air vent, ensuring a safe and convenient snacking experience!

This Boyfriend Pillow Is Your Ultimate Cuddle Buddy! No Emotions or Snoring Included!

Ladies, if you’re on the hunt for quirky yet extremely useful things on Amazon—and tired of dealing with the snoring and emotional baggage that come with real-life boyfriends. You’ll definitely need this boyfriend pillow. No emotions or snoring included! With its sturdy arm and chiseled chest, you’ll feel like you’re snuggling up to a real-life man without any of the drama. Plus, it makes for a hilarious conversation starter when your friends come over!

Keep Your Counters Clawsome with This Crabby Kitchen Companion!

This utensil rest is durable, easy to clean, and super adorable! Whether you’re stirring up a pot of seafood gumbo or just need a place to rest your spoon—Red the Crab has got your back (or your utensils, rather)! Trust us, this cute and quirky addition to your kitchen will have everyone cracking up.

Shave Like a King – Minus the Mess With This Beard Bib 

 Say goodbye to annoying beard hairs all over your bathroom sink and hello to a clean and hassle-free shaving experience. Simply attach the suction cups to your mirror, strap on the bib, and trim away to your heart’s content. Your significant other will thank you for the lack of beard hair clean up, and you’ll feel like royalty. It’s a win-win situation!

Take Down Pesky Insects with the Revolutionary BUG-A-SALT Rifle

This revolutionary insect assault rifle uses salt to take down annoying bugs with ease! It’s super fun to use – just aim, shoot, and watch those pesky insects fly away without fharmful chemicals! With over 28,000 rave reviews, it’s no wonder it’s a top-rated quirky yet extremely useful things on Amazon!

Constantly losing your Airpods? Meet your new feline friend who will keep them safe and sound! Not only does this magnetic dancing cat holder securely hold your Airpods, but it also adds a touch of whimsy to your purrfect day!

 Keep Your Floors Clean and Your Feet Comfy With These Mop Slippers!

Who says cleaning has to be a chore? Make it fun and easy with these chenille microfiber washable mop slippers! Just slip them on and glide around your home, effortlessly picking up dust, dirt, and hair with every step!

Keep Your Wine Fresh with This COQ AU VIN Wine Bottle Stopper

Wine lovers, rejoice! The Genuine Fred COQ AU VIN Wine Bottle Stopper is here to keep your wine fresh and your spirits high! This quirky yet extremely useful wine bottle stopper is shaped like a rooster, making it a unique and playful addition to your wine collection. So go ahead and open that bottle – you can trust this rooster wine bottle stopper to keep it fresh until the last drop!

 This Ginormous Hand Rake For Quick Lawn Grass Removal

Are fall leaves piling up in your yard? Are you tired of back-breaking leaf removal sessions? The ReLeaf Leaf Scoops are here to save the day! These ergonomic hand-held rakes make leaf and lawn grass removal a breeze, thanks to their enormous size. With these scoops, you can get the job done in half the time! They are perfect if you’re on the hunt for quirky yet extremely useful things on Amazon that can make your life easier!

Cereal-ously, you can take your love for cereal to the next level with this scented candle in a French Vanilla Cereal Bowl. And the best part? It even comes with a metal spoon to complete the realistic breakfast experience!

The Key to Quirky Storage? This Hippo Candy Dish!

Tired of boring and mundane storage solutions? Add a touch of quirkiness to your space with this Big Mouthed Hippopotamus Figurine. It’s perfect for holding your keys or your favorite candies!

Get Your Nails Done On The Go With Tweexy

Get your nails done on the go with Tweexy, the wearable nail polish holder ring. This ingenious invention lets you polish your nails with ease, without having to worry about spilling or knocking over your nail polish bottle.

Say hello to Mr. Sneezy, the egg yolk separator. This little guy will help you separate egg yolks from egg whites with ease, and he’s sure to bring a smile to your face with his sneezing action! Literally, one of the best quirky yet extremely useful things on Amazon!

 Save Your Money and Get a Good Laugh with This Cat Thief Coin Bank!

Want to save your money while getting a good laugh? Check out this Cat Stealing Money Bank. Simply place a coin on the plate and watch as the cat pops up, snatches the coin, and goes back into hiding. It’s the purr-fect way to save your spare change!

Because Bacon Grease Is So Good: It Belongs In This Bin, Not In Your Drain!

If you’re a bacon lover, you know that the grease is liquid gold. But instead of clogging your pipes with the liquid goodness, store it in the Bacon Bin Grease Strainer & Collector. It’s the perfect addition to your kitchen and to your list of quirky yet extremely useful things on Amazon!

Keep Your Plants Hydrated with the IV H2O Plant Life Support

Keep your plants alive and thriving with the IV H2O Plant Life Support. This automatic watering system is like an IV drip for your houseplants, ensuring that they stay hydrated and healthy. It’s a must-have for any plan-tita or plan-titos! 

Keep your chips fresh and crunchy with the Potato chip bag closure clips! Not only are they practical, but they’re also a quirky and fun addition to your kitchen. And, of course, they’re a great find among the many odd but handy Amazon products out there.

Sushi Lovers Rejoice with This Salmon Fish Pillow 

Calling all sushi lovers! The Salmon Fish Sushi Pillow Cushion is the perfect addition to your home decor. It’s soft, plush, and shaped like a delicious piece of salmon sushi. It’s also a great conversation starter and one of the many unique Amazon products you never knew you needed!

This Universal Dust Cleaner Makes Your Devices Sparkle Like New!

Say goodbye to dust and grime on your electronics with the ColorCoral Cleaning Gel. This universal dust cleaner is perfect for cleaning your keyboard, laptop, car, and even your office electronics. It’s a game-changer when it comes to cleaning, and you won’t believe how much dirt it picks up. A definite quirky must-have!

This microwave bacon tray lets you make crispy bacon in minutes, and even better, reduces the fat by up to 35%! So not only do you get to enjoy a delicious breakfast staple, but it’s also a perfect addition to your collection of quirky yet extremely useful things on Amazon to get your bacon fix in a flash, without the mess!

 This Retro Toaster For An Easy Way To Cook Your Dogs And Buns – No Grill Required!

Hot dogs, anyone? This Retro Hot Dog and Bun Toaster is a fun and easy way to cook your dogs and buns without the need for a grill! It works with chicken, turkey, veggie links, sausages, and brats, making it perfect for any type of hot dog lover. And, of course, it’s one of the many odd but handy Amazon products out there that you won’t believe exist!


In conclusion, we hope our list of 40 quirky yet extremely useful things on Amazon has left you feeling both amused and inspired to add some unexpected items to your shopping cart. From bacon grease strainers to 90 degree prism glasses for laying down reading, Amazon has a treasure trove of hidden gems waiting to be discovered. So go ahead and indulge in some unusual kitchen gadgets, clever inventions, and innovative home products that are sure to make your life a little bit more fun and functional. Happy shopping for those Amazon hidden gems and quirky essentials!

Nourishglo is a participant in various affiliate partnerships. We may earn a commission if you make a purchase through our links. However, our editorial team is committed to providing authentic and unbiased product reviews and recommendations to ensure that our readers have access to the best possible information. You can learn more about our review process in our about page. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us through our contact page.

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